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Blocked Website in Your Office

Today in many offices, it has become essential for the network administrator to block a bunch of particular websites. The sole purpose of this practice is to keep the employees busy with to give his/her 100% potential and be productive for the company. Well, the measures taken in this regard do not seem to work much practically. In fact, if an employee wants to waste his/her time at work, he/she simply will do it in other ways. If a person wants to be aware of social networks and personal emails, he/she can do it quietly from his/her smartphone or tablet.

Ideally, you should have no restrictions and that each user could manage the time reserving two or three times a day for a certain duration to visit social networks, check the personal email or just have a little watching videos ion YouTube. Obviously, this practice should be done with a control so that no one abuses because the basic purpose of coming to office is not to be entertained but work.

There are many methods or things to try to enter restricted websites such as the router connected directly without going through the proxy, the IP exchanged with a partner who does not have the same restrictions as yours, etc.


In the event that any user on his/her own responsibility wants to pay a visit to any social network site like Facebook or wants to access the restricted sites in the office, he/she you can try the following websites.

1 –

When you open this proxy site, you actually are ready to access the restricted sites. You just have to type in the URL of desired website and press the button ‘Surf Anonymously’. Once you press the button, you will connect to the site you want and browse it normally.

2 –

Once you are on the website of vpnbook, you have to enter the URL of the site you want to visit. So you can freely use Facebook or YouTube, all you have to do is type the URL of YouTube or Facebook in the box located at the top of the screen and press ‘Go’ button.

3 – is also a very useful website to visit the blocked sites. It is especially ideal for accessing Facebook and YouTube, and it is free off charges, so you can enjoy the restricted websites without making the payment at all. You can visit this useful website at